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November 24, 2021

To The Good God

Dear Friends in Christ, 

In exhorting his people, Saint John Vianney often spoke about “the Good God.” It’s a curious phrase, isn’t it? The modifier hardly seems necessary. Of course, God is good. Right? 

Well, not so fast. The saint was onto something. One of the first things we forget is God’s goodness. That forgetfulness is the beginning of our sin and sadness. Once we lose sight of the fact that God is good, then we begin to resent His design and suspect Him of not working for our good. So it happened that Adam and Eve forgot that He is good, began to see Him as a competitor, and thus rebelled against Him. Indeed, that episode reveals that one of Satan’s tactics is to introduce doubt about God’s goodness into our minds.

To counter this deadly forgetfulness, we set aside days and times to remember His goodness. Tomorrow is our nation’s way of dusting off our memory, recalling His goodness to us, and giving thanks. This exercise is arguably more important now than ever, given the upheaval of the last two years and the subsequent doubts about our nation’s goodness. 

We thank God as a nation not because we are perfect or the best or any such thing but simply because He has blessed us. And if we forget His goodness to us, then we lose sight of what’s good about us – and that’s deadly for a nation. Despite our obvious flaws and weaknesses, we have many strengths and blessings to be celebrated and for which we ought to give thanks.

For us Catholics, the Mass is the greatest act of Thanksgiving. The word eucharist means thanksgiving. By His sacrifice on the Cross, Christ rendered perfect thanks to the Father on behalf of all creation. In our participation at Mass and especially in our worthy reception of Holy Communion, we unite ourselves with Him in giving thanks. Thus our limited, imperfect, and feeble attempts to thank the good God take on eternal significance and power when united with Christ’s sacrifice of thanksgiving. All of our gratitude finds the perfect expression in His offering to the Father. 

I hope you can join us at the 8:30am Mass tomorrow for a special votive Mass of the Holy Eucharist. Bring your prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving to the altar of God. Through, with, and in Christ we both thank God for His many blessings in the past and dispose our hearts to receive what He will impart in the future.

Parish Updates…

40 Hours-Thank you to all who have already signed up to give an hour of prayer during our 40 Hours devotion December 5th through 7th. During this time, please pray for a profound conversion of heart and renewal in our parish.

I encourage you to come to Solemn Vespers on the 6th and 7th. Father John Paul will give a reflection on the 6th and yours truly on the 7th. 

Visit our website to see the entire schedule and to sign up for a time to come and pray before the Lord. I would love it if every member of the parish committed to a time of prayer.

Holy Day Schedule-We have changed our schedule for Holy Days of Obligation. Please note that there will be no Mass the evening before and an additional Mass on the day itself. Thus for the upcoming feast of the Immaculate Conception Masses will be on December 8th itself at 6:30am, 8:30am, Noon, 4:00pm, and 7:30pm.

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament-Just a reminder that Eucharistic Benediction at 8pm concludes our afternoons of adoration every Wednesday and Thursday. 

Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form-I’m more than a little late in relaying this information. In past years the Bishop has administered the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form at the Cathedral. This year, as he discerns how to implement the Pope’s recent instruction on the Extraordinary Form, pastors may request delegation to do confirm young people in this form at the parish level. Any who are interested in this are invited to contact me via the parish office.

Saint James School Rap?-No, wrap. There is still time to participate in the Charleston Wrap Fundraiser for Saint James School.  From now until December 3rd, 2021, you can order gift items such as reversible, Ultra Heavy TM wrapping paper, kitchen items, home décor, tasty gourmet goodies, and much more. Items are shipped as ordered and 40% of all sales go back to Saint James (30% for personalized items).  To place an order click here. Then click on button labeled: ORGANIZATION CREDIT ONLY…Enter Organization ID: 22017…Click on the red SHOP button and place your order.

Dry Humor

Q: Why do scuba divers fall backward out of the boat?

A: Because if they fell forward, they'd land in the boat.


Through the intercession of our Lady, Saint Joseph, and Saint James, may the Lord bless and keep you.

Fr. Scalia 

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